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OUT NOW - Porridge inspired by Cake 🍰🎈a creamy dream come true!🥲

This is not a standard oatmeal - becauseeee I either wanted to create a different product or not do it all, since a simple porridge is so easy to do yourself at home (I published over 50 recipes, so I’m quite a master chef in the porridge game hoho) 🫣😬 For 2 years, I have been working on the perfect texture, the creaminess, a delicious taste and that „certain something“ 🫠 I canceled this product several times because I felt like it’s not special enough. There are already lots of porridge mixes on the market - we don’t need an additional „basic one“ with my name on it 👀 But noooow, if you look inside the packet, you’ll see more than just oats…

🍰 Other than a cake, you can prepare the „cake-porridges“ in no time at all, without mental effort and cooking skills. Even if you CAN’T COOK - you can get a perfect cake-porridge with this one! ♥️

1. Brownie Style 🍫 tastes like delicious, ultra creamy & thick brownie batter! 
2. Apple Pie 🍎 reminds you of grandma’s warm apple pie 
3. Specials 🍪 with baked cookie pieces (Brownie) and caramelised almonds (Apple Pie) 
4. You only need to add WATER 🥛❌ No milk, cooking pot or stove (Herd) necessary! 
5. Extremely creamy thanks to fermented oat drink powder
6. Only ca. 230kcal per portion & the macros are ON POINT! 😮‍💨
7. Toppings 🧁 are tastewise not necessary, but since calories are quite low you can of course go wild! 
8. 25% of your daily fiber per portion 🌱
9. Regular size + small packages, which are nice to take to the office or traveling 💻🧳
10. Organic, vegan & without artificial sweeteners

📱 Get them now at 

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Tastes like Brownie Batter (Brownie Kuchenteig)!!!😛 launching TOMORROW at 10am or RIGHT NOW if you are Premium in my App ♥️♥️♥️♥️ can’t waittttt to make your life a spoonful of better 👀 

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kiss kiss by the happiest mickey mouse 🌠
anzeige | Week 1 - Photo Dump 🌴♥️♥️♥️ 

1 - competing with the height of the palm trees. 1,63m vs…..? How tall are they, what do you think? 👀🕵🏻‍♀️
2 - that’s the path to breakfast. So pretty!! 🌴🚲 Hi I’m Jane - where is my Tarzan? 
3 - taking afternoon naps became my strength 😂💤 I wrote down lots of selfcare goals and this seemed to be the most powerful one 
4 - sunset view from the pavilion in our room 
5 - met the pastry chef for a Pam App recipe! 👨🏻‍🍳 I tried a different cake every day (haha) and decided to bake this one with him 🍰 so yummyyyyy
6 - our beautiful terrace 
7 - 50 shades of blue in my breakfast view #thisrhymes
8 - floating breakfast on a hot day 🍳🥐
9 - brown rice & chicken porridge, papaya, croissannnnnts, scrambled eggs with veggies, coconut chia pudding & the genius toast made from dehydrated veggies, nuts & seeds 
10 - kiss kiss in the super shallow lagoon. Look, I can stannnnnd 🐠

📍In case you haven’t noticed in my stories: This island was a dream to us! Super private, high-class in a cute Maldivian way, healthy food, rather silent (no pool gymnastics, no noisy hotel guests,…) incredible palm trees (they were natural on this island before the hotel was built, that’s why they are so huge) and a wonderful energy. Definitely in the top 3 of our all-time favorite Maldives hotels! 

📍@comomaalifushi, booked via my go-to agency @maledivenreisen 🌴
anzeige - excuse me, is this a dream or real life? 🥥🥹 location so beautiful, it‘s better than a green screen 🌴

4 days into our travel, the weather is perfect, I can’t stop staring at the beauty of the palm trees and the ocean & the calm and private energy here is relaxing  me a lot. Of course I also try to not film other hotel guests in my stories (for their privacy) but I definitely don’t have a hard time with that 🥸 lots of space, privacy & silence. L-o-v-e. 

📍@comomaalifushi, booked via my go-to agency @maledivenreisen 🌴
stop, be & breathe

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