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class="content__text" A few things … I released a new episode of The Walk A Little Slower Podcast today titled, Change is Unavoidable. Listen (and subscribe!) wherever you get your podcasts! Last week I spent a few days in Williamsburg, VA with @blakeflattley . On Wednesday I had the chance to deliver the Ash Wednesday message at King of Glory Lutheran Church. On Thursday morning, Blake and I spoke/performed at Williamsburg Christian Academy. In the evening we hosted an Evening of Music and Poetry at King of Glory. After the show someone said, “I don’t like poetry, but I like yours.” I only had to pay them $20 to say that. Swipe to the last slide to watch a video recap of the trip. This Thursday I am heading to Wisconsin for a few events! I get to share the stage with my friend Heidi Goehmann (@lifeinrelationshippodcast ) as we host A Night of Hope. I’m looking forward to sharing some poetry, talking about hope, and cheese. Always cheese.

February 28, 2023


class="content__text" More Alive A poem about growth and peace from my book, Walk A Little Slower. Drop a 🫶🏻 or share this poem to your story if it connects with you!

February 27, 2023


class="content__text" Hold on. I wasn’t planning on posting this one today, but something tells me someone needs to hear this little reminder. Keep holding on. Good is on the way. 🫶🏻 ✏️ • • • • • #writtentospeak #poetry #christianpoetry #christianartists #christiancreative #crtvchurch #faith #amen #share #inspiration #motivation #hope #bible #christianity #dailydevotional #holdon #fypシ #walkalittleslower #poetrybook

February 25, 2023


class="content__text" Maybe this is what you need to hear. Drop a ❤️ or 🫶🏻 or 🤚🏻 in the comments if you needed to hear this. • • • • • #writtentospeak #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #poetry #stayawhile #stay #slowdown #christiancreative #crtvchurch #faith #amen #share #inspiration #motivation #hope #christianity #dailydevotional #viral #fypシ #itsokay #mentalhealthawareness

February 24, 2023


class="content__text" Today is Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a day of reflection and repentance from sin. Ash Wednesday rubs reality in your face. It doesn’t sugarcoat the truth or attempt to make you smile. Ash Wednesday disregards feelings and simply says it like it is: Dust you are and to dust you shall return. Today, we remember our sin and and we acknowledge that death is on the way. We remember our brokenness and failures and shortcomings and fragility and end. I know, this isn’t something we want to do, but there is purpose in this. Remembering the pain we’ve caused and the hurt we’ve given is not the most pleasant place for our hearts and minds to take up residence. And it certainly isn’t easy to reflect on our own death as death seems to be all around us. But this is not where we stay. We reflect and we repent. We look in and we look up. We step back to turn away. We hold it close before we lay it down. We speak, but we also hear. We hear hope and love and peace spoken by the One who spoke life into us. We hear as He reminds us again and again of His grace upon grace. When we reflect upon our sin the strength of grace becomes infinitely more beautiful. And grace is a wonderful place to build a home. And home reminds us of our hope: Jesus. And He does not let our story end. Hope doesn’t let the story end. • • • • • #writtentospeak #createdtocreate #ChristianLiving #christiancreative #handlettering #dailydevotional #poetryofig #asyougo #faithquote #igpoetry #littlereminders #faithpost #poets #madewords #writer #write #quote #quotes #hope #easter #ashwednesday #lent

February 23, 2023


class="content__text" Without Knowing What Comes Next • • • • • #writtentospeak #createdtocreate #ChristianLiving #Faithblogger #christiancreative #handlettering #poetryofig #faithquote #igpoetry #butfirstjesus #littlereminders #faithpost #poets #madewords #quotes #justhappytobehere #mentalhealth #remindersfortoday #keepgoing #poetsofinstagram #poetrygram #writerstag #poetscafe #wordsofwisdom #poetriesgram #writerspocket #writingcommunity #spilledinkpoetry

February 22, 2023


class="content__text" Reach out to God. Out now! Listen to the poem whenever you get your music. Search for Written to Speak.

February 21, 2023


class="content__text" I don’t often post about my podcast on my feed and that’s been a mistake. Sometimes I shy away from posting things from my feed because I’m afraid you won’t like it, wonder why you’re following me, and then unfollow and leave me behind. That’s a terrible way to live. So I am done letting fear get the best of me. From here on out all be ditching the curated life and giving you all I’ve got. Today I released episode 54 of the Walk A Little Slower Podcast. On this episode I talk about patience and invitation. Plus, @kate_ashbrook and @aforceofnurture share some poetry on the episode. The episode is only 10 minutes long and you can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts! If you’re a poet and want to read one of your poems on the podcast, send me a message. What’s the podcast about? Every episode is different. Sometimes it’s a conversation with guest. Sometimes I share a writing or answer questions or deliver a poem. Sometimes I share a message or feature other poets and writers. But every episode begins like this … “I’m Tanner Olson and this is The Walk A Little Slower Podcast. Here we talk about hope and heaviness, creating and continuing, joy and sorrow, life and God, questions and answers, and everything in-between. This is a podcast where you are invited to slow down. To lean in. To hold fast. And to eventually keep going. Welcome.” Also here is a photo from me standing in front of colors that match my personality on a sunny day.

February 21, 2023


class="content__text" Waiting. Many of the conversations I’ve been having recently have been about waiting. Waiting for change. Waiting for marriage. Waiting for what’s next. Waiting for children. Waiting for healing. Waiting for ______. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for a new season. Waiting for things to be made right. Waiting for an answer. I’m there, too. With waiting comes wrestling and wondering. The truth often gets buried as we scroll social media, seeing others receive what we have been praying and hoping for. Day after day we are reminded that life is heavy and we are not in control. But the truth doesn’t stop being true. Recently I’ve been coming back to the truth that stretches deep inside of me: God knows. He sees me and hears me and loves me. He cares. And He knows waiting, too. Today, I’ll hold fast and breathe deep and look up and say amen and see what happens. Because something is certainly happening in the waiting. After all, God wastes nothing and He does not waste waiting.

February 21, 2023


class="content__text" Before you move onto the next thing, pause. Sit with what is. Just for a moment. Open your hands and let go of what you’re holding tight. Breathe deep and exhale the heaviness that’s been trapped inside. Before you move on, find yourself in these words: Life is not a race and you are not behind. • • • • • #writtentospeak #createdtocreate #ChristianLiving #Faithblogger #christiancreative #handlettering #poetryofig #faithquote #igpoetry #butfirstjesus #littlereminders #faithpost #poets #madewords #quotes #justhappytobehere #mentalhealth #chickfila #podcast #remindersfortoday #keepgoing #poetsofinstagram #poetrygram #writerstag #poetscafe #wordsofwisdom #poetriesgram #writerspocket #writingcommunity #spilledinkpoetry

July 28, 2022


class="content__text" Continue: Poems and Prayers of Hope is out NOW! It's all so strange to me. I've said this before, but I never thought I would be a full-time writer. Most days I struggle to put commas in the right place and if we are being honest I don't know that many words with more than seven letters. Years ago a few people told me I could write and that I should write. I trusted them and began. And I haven't stopped. I’ve wanted to stop, but I couldn’t bring myself to hit the delete button on social media accounts or walk away from something I began. Some days I think I should get a different job. One that isn't as lonely and stressful and uncertain and open. Maybe back in the church or at a camp or something with plants. I'm not good with plants, but I think I'd like getting soil beneath my fingernails. Other days I know this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Writing. And sharing. And probably over sharing. Last summer, at a conference in Houston, I had casual conversation with the folks at @concordiapub . We chatted about what it might look like for us to partner together on a project. 11 months later and here we are. 'Continue: Poems and Prayers of Hope' is out now. A heartfelt and honest thank you to those of you who keep rocking with me. I am truly beyond grateful. • • • • #writtentospeak #createdtocreate #lovegodlovepeople #ChristianLiving #Faithblogger #christiancreative #handlettering #dailydevotional #poetryofig #worship #faithquote #igpoetry #littlereminders #biblejournaling #christianinstagram #faithpost #coffeeandjesus #poets #yesandamen #handwrittenreminders #prayers #continuebook #bookrelease #newbook #bymepoetry #thegoodquote #writerspocket #writingcommunity #spilledinkpoetry

June 28, 2022


class="content__text" “God, I don't know. Amen.” I’ve been saying this prayer for years. It’s an honest prayer. A simple prayer. A short prayer. One I am only beginning to understand, but one He hears clearly. Saying we don't know isn't a sign weakness; but appears to be the first breath to trusting the One we our surrendering our uncertainty to. How beautiful it is to not know, but to trust He does. For all I do not know, I know that we should hold close what we do know. And here is what I know today: God is good and He has this under control. Coffee is needed. Hugs are better than high fives. Yesterday is over, today is here, and tomorrow hasn’t arrived. In all that is heavy there is hope. And I know I do not know much, but I do know I don't have time to be scared of the unknown. Here is to not knowing. Here is to praying honestly. Here is to leaning in and listening. Here is to trusting. • • • • • #writtentospeak #createdtocreate #ChristianLiving #Faithblogger #christiancreative #handlettering #dailydevotional #poetryofig #worship #faithquote #igpoetry #butfirstjesus #littlereminders #faithpost #poets #madewords #writer #write #quote #quotes #advicequotes #indieauthor #writersofinstagram #writingnotes #slowdown #godidontknow #idk #prayer #uncertainty #trust

May 28, 2022

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