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Life is short…
The people that love, truly love an understand you,  are often the only way the memory of you exists…

This picture was taken by a very special friend on our family vacation in Italy... a man who I was blessed to call a brother. A man who raised two amazing young future leaders, Akram and Alejandro…

He was one of those rare friends that only brought joy and optimism , his smile was infectious and his heart pure… 

This week, while I mourned the loss of this great soul… Vanessa Bryant invited the family as her guest to the unveiling of our beloved Kobe’s statue. To say the family was moved and inspired is an understatement… Kobe my brother, the smartest thing you ever did was invest your life into that beautiful soul Vanessa, or as the kids call her Mrs B. 

Love… and love deeply, for tomorrow is never promised. 

Universal just informed me that you all nominated FastX part 1… Best Action Movie and Best Movie of the year…
I immediately was brought back to 2016, and that moment I was doing my best to fight back emotions and remain cool.
I have had the great fortune to make many films and play many iconic characters… but when I go into that Dom state of mind, it’s as though I am simply doing a sketch… of my soul. 
You have always been there with me on this journey, your love and support fuels me beyond words. 
I only hope to make you proud.
The living, dead and unborn…
Happy MLK day!
To our global family, my last words of 2023…

Never give up…

On our planet, humanity… never give up on yourself. We all have a light, one we can share… one in which we can contribute to the world. With faith and compassion we can make the world a better place. 

Happy New Year…

All love, always.
May you enter this holiday season knowing, that your very smile, is a gift…
Blessed and grateful.
My dear friend and Fast producing partner Neal, sent me a song this morning… his daughter’s debut single. So proud!

Coming After You
Mimi Moritz

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Vin Diesel Age

56, born on July 18, 1967

Vin Diesel Net Worth

Vin Diesel Net Worth Estimated at $200M USD


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