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 Trying to figure what new style I should rock next. Long hair, Emo, bald, porn mustache, bearded guy? Which one do you like best from 1 to 10? 😂😂😂
 $50k a night was the going rate for this private experience in the Maldives during the grand opening. We got to experience this on the day of, and created the most viral marketing campaign in history for a single hotel in the Maldives. At the time the place came with a private sea plane that would transfer you from the main Island of Male, a private chef and butler (as they call it) that would make any of you request a reality. Whether you wanted caviar or lobster at anytime of the day/night they would accommodate you. 

This was the bottom master bedroom, an undersea experience that lights up at night and gives you the option to change the colors of the lights outside. One thing I noticed is that different light colors would attract different fish at night. One night we saw a large leopard shark come swim by the giant glass. It was a unique experience. 

Cleaning the glass would only happen at that time I requested it so there was no room for error and someone seeing me naked or while taking enjoying a nice 💩 lol. Complete privacy at all times. 

The entire place is 6000 square feet and can host up to eight people.
 When the boys travel to Bora Bora It’s a different vibe. The last video is 🔥! From swimming with humpback 🐋 whales to sharks 🦈 and we even petted a wild Moray Eel, helicopter ride, scuba diving and so much other fun things. 

We’re over due for another one! @ramses_principe@jeffvanags@therealtarzann@dgtlsky@keonilachhar
 Travel with someone if you really want to get to know them. Traveling allows you to see how they react to minor issues that may arise; you're both in an unfamiliar environment and can see how the other person reacts to things that don't go as planned, such as canceled and missed flights, lost luggage, last-minute changes, and so much more that may arise during a trip. 

We traveled to 14 countries in our first year together, became deeply connected, and got to know each other from the deepest parts of our lives. I highly recommend it for anyone dating someone new or in a new relationship.
 (Read full caption) Merry Christmas 🎄🎁, last year was a PJs Christmas this year we’re playing dress up. 

Food for thought 💭- Christmas is about spending time with friends and family. People we love and appreciate. Don’t worry about what gifts you bought someone, worry about how much time you’ve spent with them because tomorrow isn’t promised. The time you give someone is more valuable than anything you can buy them. 

Merry Christmas 🎄
 When your Dental Hygienist fiancée understood the assignment from day one ☝🏼, one take and done ✅
💃 @camcam_a 
📍 Rocky Oaks in Malibu California

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