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class="content__text" Sunday cruise in the Aston DB6 along Cap Ferrat… 🤟🤟 The long wait is finally over ! 🍾🍾🍾 After months of receiving expert TLC at @gruppomg - including replacing the tattered black leather interior with a brand new cognac one, installing period - correct power steering and A/C, and a ton of little tweaks - the @astonmartinlagonda DB6 is finally home on the Riviera, and naturally the first thing I had to do on this crisp Sunday was to take it for a spin along the winding coastal roads around Monaco… 🤟 It now not only looks stunning in its dark green over cognac livery, but also handles like a dream - plenty of torque, fantastic sound and surprisingly nimble handling… I could not be happier ! 👍 😊👍 And, needless to say, the James Bond soundtrack is playing in an endless loop in my head ! 😂😉 [Note: Some people asked me why I did not get a silver birch/black DB5 that looks identical to the film one(s). The purchase of this car was actually, like so often in my case, a rather spontaneous one, and with its dark green exterior - for which I have a well known weakness - I simply could not resist… 🤣🤷‍♂️ In many respects, the DB5 and the DB6 are very similar, but when it actually comes to driving and regularly using the car, the DB6 is arguably the better option with its longer wheelbase, more luxurious feel and improved handling]. And with all my Krafty tweaks, the car is now 100% “me”, and makes the perfect addition to my little stable ! 🙏 I simply can’t wait to put some miles on it very soon… 🤟 Wishing everyone a great Sunday evening ! #sunday #sundayfunday #vintage #classy #car #gentleman #lifestyle #weekend #drive #classic #design #menstyle #dream #grateful #goodvibes

February 19, 2023


class="content__text" Good bye Florence - Monte Carlo here we come… 🇮🇹🇲🇨🤟 It’s been an incredibly busy but very efficient week in Italy, with tons of work accomplished, 2000 km spent on the road, but also a series of precious “stolen moments, including aperitivi in the sun, late evening dog walks with cigars, drinks with friends, and delicious dinners… However, the Kraft pack is now ready to leave the @bentleymotors Continental T (that performed flawlessly throughout the road trip) at @gruppomg for another complete Kraftization (= dark green exterior and complete cognac leather interior, naturally) and head back to my beloved Principality in the most “Bond” of all of my cars, the finally finished @astonmartinlagonda DB6 (also in green over cognac) ! Full update coming tomorrow ! 😉👍 PS I have had quite a few comments & questions regarding my various residences; naturally, they all resemble each other, whether they are in Monaco, Provence, Paris, Palm Beach, Berlin or Florence - I freely admit that I have a weakness for (or shall we say slight addiction to 😂) 18th and 19th century, neo-classical buildings (after all, our Berlin family seat in which I was born dates from the late 19th century, and my Palm Beach pad is the sole modern exception), while I always design my interiors with a similar, relaxing vibe featuring light walls, natural wood - or stone floors, contemporary upholstery, and locally sourced antiques & works… Thus, I always feel immediately at home wherever I go, while always appreciating the local nuances that make each place unique such as the typical Italian antiques and paintings here (such as the battle scene by Giacomo Casanova’s brother, Francesco) in my Florentine penthouse. Wishing everybody a great weekend ! 🙏👍 #saturday #motivation #weekend #inspiration #travel #italy #home #design #gentleman #lifestyle #menstyle #dog #goodvibes #thankful

February 19, 2023


class="content__text" Arrivederci Roma… 🇮🇹🎶 It’s been a quick but sweet - and very efficient - visit, staying at my beloved Roman home away from home, the @jkplaceroma … ! 🙏 Now the @bentleymotors Continental T is packed once again for the trip back to Florence before being handed over tomorrow to @gruppomg for a complete Kraftization program… 😂😉 And after a final meeting with the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo team, I will head back to Monte Carlo in the freshly pimped @astonmartinlagonda DB6…. 🤞🤞🤞Time for the final sprint of a long week… 💪🤟 #thursday #motivation #entrepreneur #lifestyle #travel #italy #roadtrip #vintage #car #mensfashion #menstyle #gentleman #lifestyle #dog #workhard

February 17, 2023


class="content__text" Italian aperitivo - time, winter version… 🍷🇮🇹 After 16 hours in Florence with a ton of meetings, the Kraft pack rushed further down South to Rome to continue our business marathon here… 😂🤟 I am working very hard to bring @alexanderkraft.montecarlo to the next level, and make it even easier to find & shop in the (near) future - stay tuned for some very exciting developments over the next months ! At the same time, I continue as always my focus on @sothebysrealty.france and its continued growth to soon 80 brokerages, with a string of new office openings imminent ! 🍾 With all that juggling, one of life’s small pleasures is to have a relaxing al fresco aperitivo and soak up the Roman atmosphere on this sunny winter day… 🇮🇹☀️🤌👍 PS For my meeting marathon, I am naturally wearing @alexanderkraft.montecarlo head to toe, including the chalk stripe flannel suit (cut from @vitalebarberiscanonico1663 flannel), the 7-fold cashmere tie, the Bengal striped shirt, the handmade suede Belgian loafers and the DB short cashmere/wool overcoat that has been keeping me warm on this trip… 😉👍 Wishing everyone a great & productive rest of the week ! 🙏 #wednesday #motivation #entrepreneur #inspiration #workhard #travel #italy #menswear #mensfashion #design #drink #restaurant #goodvibes #nevergiveup

February 16, 2023


class="content__text" The name’s Kraft, Alexander Kraft…. 😂😉 Feeling like the proverbial boy in the toy shop, visiting my @astonmartinlagonda DB6 after a very long time at @gruppomg … ! 🙏 After months of receiving expert TLC, there is only a tiny bit of fine tuning left to be done so I will be patient for a few more days and pick up my kraftized Gentleman’s Express at the end of the week for a (hopefully) glorious (and trouble free) drive back to Monaco… 🤟 In the meantime, John Barry’s legendary Goldfinger tune will undoubtedly play in an endless loop in my head…. “He’s such a Kraft-Fingeeeeer…” 🎶😂🤣😉 Wishing everyone a great week ahead ! #monday #motivation #men #toys #vintage #car #love #passion #inspiration #gentleman #toys #lifestyle #grateful #goodvibes

February 14, 2023


class="content__text" Kraft at home (Monaco Kraftoni edition)… 😂🇲🇨🍷👍 By popular demand, herewith a new « Kraft at Home » video with a mini glimpse into my new pad in Monte Carlo ! This evening, I am having friends over for a round of drinks for the first time ever, and am getting a private head start with a quick Kraftoni - Negroni (shared with Gussie, naturally) 🍷🐶😂😉 . As it has been a hell of a busy week, I admit that this is a much appreciated break… 🍾🙏 #thursday #evening #motivation #drinks #home #monaco #decor #gentleman #lifestyle #dog #menstyle #mensfashion #happy #goodvibes

February 13, 2023


class="content__text" Back to business on all fronts ! 🤟💪 Thank you for your kind messages asking me if everything is alright… I haven’t posted for a few days since I have been madly busy on all fronts, working on the new releases of the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo collections which are coming soon (starting with the long awaited new batch of the “Perfect Jeans” ! 👍), several major initiatives and office openings of @sothebysrealty.france , and of course @la.maison.bleue which is finally hitting its stride with both the restaurant and the guest rooms after 3 devastating Covid years… ! 💪 I would lie if I said that my canine buddy and I don’t miss the warmth of Florida but we nevertheless love being back in Monaco, even if it is freezing cold and we spend most of the time in our office(s), including the @metropolemonaco (which is my 3rd - unofficial - office in Monaco… ) 😂🥶🐶👍 Naturally, we will soon hit the road again… stay tuned for more Krafty adventures ! 😂🤟 PS Style note: At least, the cold spell of weather allows me to bring out again the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo cashmere items including this lovely pure cashmere overcoat and the roll neck sweater) ! 😂😉👍 #wednesday #motivation #entrepreneur #lifestyle #workhard #inspiration #nevergiveup #travel #monaco #gentleman #menstyle #mensfashion #happy #goodvibes

February 13, 2023


class="content__text" Sunday evening, time to head back to the city… 🤟 I can’t quite believe my sunny weekend in the country is already over and the hour has come to return to the home base in Monte Carlo - somebody must have played with the clocks ?!?! 🇲🇨😂☀️ Tomorrow morning, after a a good night’s sleep, a quick change of bags - and cars -, it’s already time to hit the road - or more precisely: the autostrada - again, this time to Italy, for a packed week in Tuscany and Rome… 🇮🇹🤌 What can I say, the show must go on… ! 😂🤟💪 PS Today is the last day of the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo « Spring Cleaning Sale » - if you want to snap up some classic, limited edition items in selected sizes on AlexanderKraft.com, this is your last chance… soon, we will launch the next collections, starting with the long-awaited restock of the « Perfect Jeans » ! 😉👍 #sunday #evening #motivation #entrepreneur #lifestyle #car #roadtrip #travel #gentleman #dog #bag #workhard #nevergiveup #goodvibes

February 13, 2023


class="content__text" Swingin’ with the dogs… 🐶😂😉🤟 After a tough day - and a very long (business) week - in Monaco, there is no better way to clear the head than by playing with the pack ! 🐶🤟 When I returned this evening to my Provençal weekend pad - just in time for the sunset - , my old friend and neighbor Nougat was waiting for us… 🐶😍❤️. Naturally, a happy & very playful reunion ensued… 🤣🤟I will post part 2 of the human-canine madness tomorrow, stay tuned ! 😂😉😉 Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead ! #friday #tgif #inspiration #weekend #motivation #weekendvibes #happy #gentleman #fashion #happy #dog #friends #goodvibes #lifestyle

February 13, 2023


class="content__text" And just like that… I’m back at my Provençal country pad ! 😂 Being back here feels slightly surreal as as recently as one week ago, I was still on the Florida Keys, followed by Palm Beach, Miami, Zurich, Nice and Monaco… However, apart from such minor irritations as burst pipes, personnel issues and strange ponies roaming my park (I’m not kidding you), it’s great to be back and - after having dealt with the aforementioned - enjoy the peace and quiet of my little country haven. Needless to say, Gussie is thrilled to be once again the canine Lord of the Manor and has been chasing wildlife around the clock… 🐶🤣 The Saturday sunset after an extremely packed week calls for a drink, a cigar and a long walk around the estate ! 🙏 Wishing everybody a great weekend ! #saturday #motivation #weekend #happy #weekendvibes #travel #country #house #gentleman #lifestyle #dog #drink #menstyle #mensfashion #grateful #goodvibes

February 06, 2023


class="content__text" Finally back at home in Monaco… 🍾🇲🇨🐶 After an epic 20-hour trip Palm Beach - Miami - Zurich - Nice - Monaco, the Kraft pack is finally back at the Monte Carlo home base. I had actually (almost) forgotten how nice my newly acquired Monaco pad is 🤣 - since I have been constantly on the road since its acquisition in December, I now look forward to finally spending some quality time here… Gussie agrees only partially, he is clearly missing the endless Palm Beach beaches, not to mention chasing the local seagulls at full (freeway) speed… 🐶😂 PS Have a look at AlexanderKraft.com - the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo Spring Cleaning Sale is still one, offering great discounts on selected remaining sizes of limited edition items that won’t be reduced again… your unique chance for a Krafty bargain before the new spring g collections are launched soon ! 😉👍 #thursday #inspiration #entrepreneur #lifestyle #motivation #travel #monaco #home #interior #design #mensfashion #menstyle #dog #akmc #goodvibes

February 06, 2023


class="content__text" On the road again with my canine buddy… and a ton of luggage, schlepping home the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo spring/summer collections for both men and women from my recent photo shoot in Miami 🐶😂👍 My return to freezing Europe from tropical Palm Beach meant that I had to reluctantly exchange my go-to combo of the past weeks - linen or cotton trousers, polo shirts and velvet slippers - against slightly sturdier items including the @alexanderkraft.montecarlo 6-ply chunky cashmere roll neck sweater, the all-season trench-coat (to be released in March), the burnished penny loafers (with socks !) and more… ! 🥶😂 Although I can‘t say that I‘m looking forward to the change in climate, I am happy to return to my home base and tackle the many exciting projects in the pipeline… 💪 So let’s hit the road & go… 🤟 #monday #motivation #entrepreneur #lifestyle #workhard #inspiration #nevergiveup #travel #bag #dog #car #menstyle #mensfashion #goodvibes

February 06, 2023

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