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Summary for Bayle Tiktok Followers Growth.

August 04, 20213,200,0001,210
August 05, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 07, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 08, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 09, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 09, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 10, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 11, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 12, 20213,200,000+01,210+0
August 15, 20213,200,000+01,211+1
August 17, 20213,200,000+01,208-3
August 21, 20213,200,000+01,208+0
August 26, 20213,200,000+01,207-1
August 31, 20213,200,000+01,208+1

FAQ - baylebee TikTok Account Stats

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Bayle TikTok Account.

Answer: baylebee TikTok account has 3.2M followers.
Answer: baylebee TikTok account has 99.6M likes.
Answer: The engagement rate of baylebee TikTok account is 11.99%.

This measure can help you figure out how engaged your audience is with the content of your influencer.

Answer: Average likes are about 380.7K per post.
Answer: Average comments are about 2.9K per post.
Answer: Average plays are about 2.5M per post.
Answer: Official Bayle TikTok is @baylebee