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 Natasha Lyonne starring in an episodic, streaming case-of-the-week show from Rian Johnson? A cult comedy revival? Season 2 of our favorite soccer player/cannibals? There are so many televisual pleasures coming our way in 2023. Tap the link in bio for the shows we can't wait to see.

 “There were, and perhaps always will be, criticisms of how Barbara Walters did her job,” writes @vulture’s Matt Zoller Seitz. “But nobody could deny that her subjects trusted her to give them as fair a shake as she could, even if she disapproved of what they did, said, or stood for. Nor could they deny that Walters — who died on Friday at 93 — created conditions in which newsworthy comments were likely to occur. 

From the moment in the mid-1970s when Walters started building her career around interviewing famous people the Barbara Walters way, those interviews were almost by definition events. When Walters’s people called a prospective interviewee’s representatives to ask if their client would be willing to break whatever period of silence they’d been observing, they struggled to say no: That call meant you were a big deal, for better or worse. They said yes to her when they wouldn’t say yes to anyone else because they liked the atmosphere Walters created onscreen, which carried an implicit promise that the subject, no matter how famous or notorious, would be given a fair hearing.” Read more about Barbara Walters's one-of-a-kind legacy at the link in bio.

 "Glass Onion" isn't trying to trick you. According to director Rian Johnson, every twist in his sequel is right in front of your face. "I’m a sucker for telling the audience exactly what you’re going to do and then doing it,” Johnson says. This meant going “to great, great pains to be shockingly fair” about including details in the first half that could give the game away if viewers noticed them. An envelope hidden in plain sight, the murder happening right in front of our eyes, etc. “There are a dozen things like that,” Johnson says. At the link in bio, the writer-director breaks down his latest mystery.

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 If you're still nursing the New Year scaries on the couch, tap the link in bio for our list of the best movies over 3 hours long to help pass the time.

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