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The past couple of years have been very tough for many people economically. 

1 in 5 kids do not get any Christmas gifts + 12% of families in the United States go without enough to eat while others have family dinners. I’m writing this post for this community to come together to help each other out. 

1. If you + your family are in need this holiday please leave a comment with how someone can help you (example: a gift card for groceries, a small toy for your child, a payment for an electric bill, etc.) 

2 If you have more than enough, stop scrolling + jump into the comments to support. (Example: comment back to the person you’d like to help + tell them to check their DMs to connect)

When I do posts like these, I’m always impressed with the generosity. If you can, share this post + encourage others to do the same. These are divisive times + acts of kindness remind us who we *actually* are. I’ll be jumping in to help out too #selfhealers
FINISH THIS SENTENCE: My relationships have taught me ____________.
All of us have this deep seated fear that we aren’t good enough + that someone might find out! At the same time, we so badly want someone to actually see us, to hear us, to understand us. We want to be loved. 

Even that person you admire. Even the person typing this. Even the person you think has it 100% together (surprise: they don’t) Once you realize this, you take a lot of pressure + judgment off of yourself. 

You might even become kinder, gentler, + more compassionate. Which is exactly what our world needs more than ever #selfhealers
The mother wound is the wound that we inherit from our own mother (who have their own unresolved trauma.) 

The mother wound causes: low self worth, comparison issues, body issues, internal thought loops of shame, hostility or distrust towards women, + fear of criticism.

These exercises are practices to reparent ourselves. To become our OWN best mother.

Bookmark this + do some of these for 30 days. You’ll be amazed at the awareness + healing that comes from it #selfhealers
I could really feel the energy around the last post, so I wanted to create this for you all. Most of all I want you to know that if this is all hitting you right now, you’re not alone.

I woke up to all of this + went through my own healing journey alone, so I knew I wanted to create a community based healing platform. 2 years ago, I launched @selfhealers.circle. It’s what I always wished I had. The next opening is coming up Jan 1st. If you’re looking to connect like-minded people on the journey, this might be the space for you. Spaces do sell out + it’s waitlist only. 

Click the link in my bio to learn more. I believe in this membership fully + know it’s an absolutely incredible value ($26/month or $286 for an entire year) if you’re willing to put in the time to do this work #selfhealers
Awakening is scary. 

Once you lift the curtain, you see just how much dysfunction exists in our collective society/culture. Society is a reflection of us— it’s a mirror. Allowing us to see what needs healing.

So many things we call normal + blindly accept are emotionally unhealthy. This is to be expected in a world with little focus on emotional awareness or intelligence.

Witnessing dysfunctional can be a really beautiful opportunity. It hurts a bit at first (it hurt me BIG time to see it in myself + my own family).

Once you work through the discomfort it becomes an invitation for us to unlearn those pattern, behaviors, + core beliefs that bring so much suffering into our lives #selfhealers

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