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#ThrowbackThursday - Over 20 years ago, I took up caving and for many years I was obsessed by this cave! This is a slide (Fuji Sensia 400) that I shot from back in the day on my trusty Nikon FM2 SLR camera. It shows the view looking up the larger half of Titan shaft, inside a cave known for centuries as The Devils Arse, aka Peak Cavern, England. Carved out by water, these limestone cliffs measure 141.5 metres (464 ft) high, making Titan the biggest cave in the UK. It is even tall enough to swallow the London Eye. We spent years digging a shaft from the surface into Titan to create a ‘back door’ into the mighty Peak/Speedwell Cavern system. Titan offered me a playground, where I could practice extreme cave photography and I loved it! There is something quite magical about photographing caves on film that I’ve not experienced since switching to digital back in 2004. #FilmPhotography #CavePhotography #AnalogPhotography #Film #Cave #Explore #Exploration #Explorer #Derbyshire #PeakDistrict #InternationalYearOfCavesAndKarst #PeakCavern #Titan

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