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11/09-17 - 30/09-18 hi guys. after a long time of thinking, i’ve decided to leave editing and this account. i didn’t think that i would leave so soon, and i’m so sad since i’ve made so many good memories. i don’t know if i will leave for good, or if i will come back anytime soon. but i feel like this is the right decision to make. thank you loren, for being a great stan all those 2-3 years, thank you to all my friends for being there and thank you to all my followers who decided to support me and thank you to everyone who just decided to be great. i love u all. and i will miss every single one of u. i hope i will find inspo and motivation and maybe come back, but for now, this might be the end. again, i love u all, and all good things have an end❤️ . my spam is @spookyfelicia

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