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 cuz she’s getting sultry with succulents, DAHLING

yas, hunny she has partnered with @alicestable to bring to you her very first succulent werkshop, and I hope you’re ready for the lushness! Really enjoyed working with the @alicestable team on this werkshop and had such a fun time creating the curriculum for this lovely lush piece so be sure to check it out, gurl! 

And fun random fact: Alice (the founder) and I actually went to @uofpenn and graduated the same year, we realized this the day we were shooting this workshop! How fun that we can come together these many years later to launch such a fun project. 

ALSO some care tips cuz she’s that plant parent 🤓 

These kweens prefer bright light when kept indoors or out, and should get at least six hours of sunlight a day. Do be mindful of potential sunburn as too much sun can scorch some succulent species. 

Succulents are used to arid and dry climate conditions, so sitting in water is just not her scene. Their thick and sap-filled leaves allow them to hold and retain water more effectively than plants with thin leaves, so they ain’t about the extra water. When I water these kweens, I soak their well-drained soil completely, and then I let the soil dry out completely before I water again. I tend to water every 10-14 days in the warmer months and every 21-30 days in the colder months.

Well-drained and aerated soil is the best way to go! Anything from coco coir to a standard potting mix with some added perlite, and fir bark and it’s the perfect scene for that kween! 

👕 @christopherjohnrogers 

 #succulents #succulentgarden #entertainmentwithatwist #workshop #alicestable #plantnerd #plantkween
 a slow & soft Sunday with my pops 🌼

when my dad comes to visit it’s always an adventure filled with laughter, those nostalgic 90’s R&B jams, trips down memory lane, goofiness, and love … a love that has liberated me to become the person that I am today. Grateful for the memories and moments we are creating with each other and the friendship we get to build, nurture, and explore. Love you to pieces, dad 

picked up these freshly cut florals cuz my mother loved flowers, she would have loved these bouquets and I wanted to celebrate her beautiful memory with my dad today. Miss and love you, mama 

Love is and will forever be right here


black and white🏺: @peaceandriot 
clear🏺: @target 
💐: @hibiscusflowershop_ny
 Cuz she’s serving that @saksoff5th mewd, dahling
As a Black queer non-binary person, I’ve found that the fluidity in my gender expression opens a plethora of options when it comes to clothing simply because I do not constrict myself to the rigidity of gender norms. Gender expression is a playground for me, dahling, and she loves to play. I wear whatever I want, it’s not “men’s clothing” it’s not “women’s clothing” … if it’s on my body, it’s my clothing ... it’s mine, dahling. For a long as I can remember my gender has always been an experience. It was more than just being boyish or girlish, not limited to just being masculine or feminine, not restricted by the ideas of “manhood” or “ womanhood” ... it was about being creative, playful, fluid and expressive with how I wanted to show up in this world ... it was about transgressing those tragic gender norms we are taught as children ... it was about reimagining myself in-between and beyond the gender binary, it has and will forever be about embracing the experience of myself without definition. 
Wanted to share some tips I use to remind myself on tha daily that my fashion, my style, my lewk can be an adventure to my authentic self. Shoutout to @saksoff5th for this lovely lewk!
 #OFF5THOnYou #SaksOFF5TH #BlackHistoryMonth #ad
 Go gurl, take that trip ✈️🧳🏝😎☀️

if ya needed a sign then hunny let this be that sign … click that button and book that flight, hop on that train, rev up that engine, gurl … let that love for your own being, your well-being, your spirit liberate you 💙

making a promise to myself to take myself on more solo trips this year … and I’m learning to be curious about + explore my anxiety when it comes to traveling alone instead of dismissing those feelings and that process helped a ton as I planned the trips I’ll be adventuring into this year. shout-out to my therapist for putting me in my feelz and holding space for me to explore my travel anxieties … she’s gonna let her melanin soak up that delicious sunshine like the houseplant with complex emotions that she is 💁🏽‍♀️🌱☀️

so I love you, go 😘

 #solotravel #solotraveler #vacay #getaway #vacation #solotrip
 GURL, with her petite deep green leaves with the occasional fenestrations this green gurl bares a striking resemblance to a lil Ms. Monstera Deliciosa, which explains one of her many nicknames … Ms. Mini Monstera. However, dahling, she is an entirely different green gurl all together, with much smaller leaves and no edible fruit 🌱💚

Let’s welcome Ms. Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma to that botanical stage. Got this kween as a propagated cutting a few years ago, and was quite excited cuz she was THAT green gurl in 2021.
I’ve found this kween to enjoy that bright filtered/ambient light. I have her a few feet from a south facing window with a sheer curtain and it seems to be her scene, as she’s growing beautifully, hunny. In her natural habitat she typically grows in shady lil sultry spots of the tropical scene she’s native to, with speckles of direct sun occasionally touching her foliage. She is not a low light kind of kween, and will grow slowly and produce small foliage if placed in a spot with too little light
I check the soil moisture often, as she prefers her soil to be more damp than dry, especially during growing season. I tend to keep this green gurl in a plastic pot to ensure that the soil holds onto to that moisture a tad bit longer, compared to tha usual terra-cotta pot. She is a resilient kween, and when in doubt when watering less is more. She can survive the occasional neglect, and is more sensitive to overwatering if anything
While this green gurl can do fine in the standard household humidity (30-40%), she is a tropical kween after all and will thrive in a sultry sish (55-65%). I’ve placed these kweens in bright bathrooms or next to my humidifier, and dahling it be her scene! When it comes to temps, she loves a 75ºF-ish moment

 #readthatgreengurl #rhaphidophoratetrasperma #minimonstera #philodendronginny #philodendronpiccolo #plantnerd #plantgeek #plantfacts #plantkween

Renaissance has been on repeat since it came out this past summer and I can’t wait to see how @beyonce brings this album to life on stage! 

tbh, I’ve never really been a concert kween … the large stadium crowds of people drives my anxiety to the roof, gurl.  I’ve been to two concert in my life. The first was @mariahcarey 2006 Emancipation of Mimi tour with my cousin @ifiwantto (we sung our hearts our out that night, gurl) and the second was @beyonce 2016 Formation World Tour with @ifiwantto (we danced our booties off that night, hunny). Now 7 years later I’ll be experiencing my 3rd concert experience and I’m pretty excited and grateful 

So for all my kweens who get a lil anxious when it comes to concerts, but still wanna join in on the fun … sharing some tips I plan on using to feel comfortable, cozy, and less anxious so I can enjoy the magic that is @beyonce :  

1. Plan ahead, gurl: Make sure you know the concert schedule and arrive early to avoid missing any of the opening acts or the start of the show. Public transportation is probably the best arrival and exit strategies cuz you know traffic is going to be WILD! 

2. Dress chic, but comfortably: Beyoncé concerts are known for being high-energy, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can dance in. I’ll be wear what I call my “running platform heels” … a pair of platforms I could stand in for hours … chic and comfortable 

3. Bring essentials: Consider bringing a small bag with essentials like water, snacks, and a portable phone charger

4. Be prepared to sing, dance and shake that bootay: Beyoncé concerts are all about having fun and letting loose, so don’t be afraid to sing along and dance to your favorite songs.

5. Stay safe: Be aware of your surroundings and stay hydrated during the concert. If you’re attending with a group, make a plan for where to meet up if you get separated. 

6. Have fun and soak up the magic that is Beyonce: The main goal of attending a Beyoncé concert is to have a great time! Let yourself get lost in the music and enjoy the moment

Shoutout to @calvinhrezik for securing tha tix 

🎥 @welcometothejunglehome


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