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class="content__text" Are you in the right place to make any decisions at all? 🤔 ————————— We all know that rough place we are sometimes in where it feels like we are drowning. When we are in that bad place, we react out of fear, worry, scarcity, anxiety… a place where any decision we make and interaction we have is not going to be ideal. 😡 ————————- I don’t pretend to know what you are going through. I do know this: if you can get yourself to a better place, you will see more clearly, act from a calmer place, create solutions and interactions that will far better serve you. ❤️🥰😇 ———————— When we are in a really good place (think about how you feel on vacation) - isn’t that the ideal time to have clear thought and make big decisions? I challenge you today to watch and catch yourself if you know you are not in a good place and focus immediately on getting yourself out. Go for that walk, go to the gym, do some yoga, meditate, pray, spend 10 minutes in gratitude… change your mindset now before living another second in darkness and despair. ———————— My final call to action today: I challenge you to focus outwardly and focus on things in your control. The more we focus on ourselves and things out of our control (Ie - government, economy, news, other people’s success, etc), the worse and out of control we feel. Focus on things in your control and TAKE ACTION on them. Do something, anything to improve, today! ———————— Who’s in? Who would you like on your accountability team? Tag them now and hold each other accountable. ———————— I am here for you. I want to see the best for you. I want to see you live a life of abundance, joy, love, growth… God bless you today! 🙏🏼

February 14, 2023


class="content__text" Our destiny is not a mystery, it’s a choice. Every step we take, every decision we make shapes our future. As we grow and evolve, it’s important to be intentional in our actions and stay true to our goals. The journey towards fulfilling our destiny may not be easy, but it’s filled with endless opportunities waiting to be seized. Let’s embrace the power of growth and continue to strive towards self-discovery and self-improvement. By taking control of our thoughts and actions, we can make our dreams a reality. So, let’s start being intentional in our pursuit of happiness and success, and embrace the exciting journey ahead!   Looking for opportunities is not just about chance encounters; it’s about being proactive and keeping our eyes open for potential growth. Life presents us with countless opportunities every day, it’s up to us to recognize and seize them. Embracing change and taking calculated risks can lead us to unexpected destinations and bring us closer to fulfilling our destiny. Let’s not be afraid to take chances, embrace new challenges, and continue to grow. As we journey towards our dreams, let’s stay focused, determined, and always keep an open mind for opportunities that can shape our future. ____________   “Our destiny is not write for us, but by us”- Barack Obama ____________   What are you going to do to get your extra 5 percent? Tell us below. ____________   Please share with our amazing and growing community. Tag a friend who might need to hear this today.  ____________   #Energy #Positivity #Destiny #Grateful #Blessed

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" Applying the “One Time” Principle before having dinner at @arod ‘s house. LISTEN IN here to Markus’s story as it puts into perspective how this principle applies into real-life situations. ‼️Share this video to remind someone that being your absolute best “one time” can lead to incredible outcomes. 🎥🎙️Full interview with Markus on The Strategic Life Podcast (all podcast platforms + YouTube)

February 02, 2023


class="content__text" If we look through the history books we’ll find that faith is part of the foundation of all great achievements. It gives us the courage to pursue our dreams and the resilience to overcome challenges. When we have faith, we believe in ourselves and our abilities, and we trust that everything will work out in the end. This belief gives us a positive outlook and the determination to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles we may face. Having faith doesn’t mean we won’t experience setbacks or hardships, but it does mean we approach these challenges with a sense of hope and a belief that things will get better. Faith gives us the strength to keep going and the peace of mind to know that we are not alone. So, hold onto your faith and let it guide you on your journey through life. No matter what you choice to put faith in. ____________ “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Martin Luther King Jr.   ____________   Please share with our amazing and growing community. Tag a friend who might need to hear this today.  ____________   #Energy #Positivity #faith #Blessed

February 02, 2023


class="content__text" Focus on putting your ENERGY into being GRATEFUL today and everyday moving forward. Give it a shot. Wake up and choose to see the beauty in every moment. Starting your day with gratitude, it’s the secret ingredient to a fulfilling life. Appreciate the small things and watch them turn into big blessings. Let’s make today count! ——————- Bring someone into the comment section and into this community that you are grateful for. That you are fortunate to have in your life! After listening to this please take your 5 minutes. Focus your energy to this message and have an amazing day full of GRATITUDE!! ____________   Please share with our amazing and growing community. Tell us one thing that you would like to express gratitude for. ____________   “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” - Oprah Winfrey ____________   #Energy #Positivity #Gratitude #Grateful #Blessed ____________   Thank you to @loribroer & @thesilverbackviking for sharing how @magnumsupps products have impact you lives. Your touching stories are exactly why I am in love with what my company represents, and I am so grateful to be part of your journeys. We will be in contact very soon.

January 26, 2023


class="content__text" Thank you for 18 amazing years!!! 🎉 ———————— Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for allowing us to play a small role in your incredible journey! ——————— 2 big prizes to giveaway!! Each $250-300! How to enter prize 1: ✅ share a little comment about why you love Magnum! An athlete who helped you, a product that changed your life, or maybe our loving community? ——————— How to enter for prize 2: ✅Tag a friend in the comments! (One friend per entry, no limit to entries) ——————- Good luck and thank you for allowing me to live out my passion for almost 2 decades!! ❤️

January 19, 2023


class="content__text" Being intentional about our spending 💰. Bringing our subconscious actions into the conscious. ————————- Once we recognize how our minds work in this one area and we take control, we can see the ramifications in every area of our lives. ——————- If you feel judged, please listen again. This isn’t at all about judgement. It’s about taking control. It’s about recognizing that it’s all your choice. It’s about extreme ownership. ———————- I look forward to hearing your answers!

January 19, 2023


class="content__text" Hear how Markus brings prayer and God’s presence into the workplace without making anyone feel excluded. He is a true testament of a Faith-Driven Leader that doesn’t hinder the Holy Spirit just because he’s running a supplement company he took from $0 to $150 million in global sales.🌎📈 ‼️SHARE THIS VIDEO to inspire other faith-driven leaders in the way they run their business 🎥🎙️ Full 90min interview on The Strategic Life Podcast (all podcast platforms)

January 16, 2023


class="content__text" If you don’t like your story, it’s time to change your story. ———————— Is your story serving you? Is your story bringing you the joy and fulfillment you know you are destined to experience? YOU are the author of your story. If you don’t like what story you’ve been creating, CHANGE IT!! ——————— I’ve asked Becky Overbeck to collaborate on this post with me because she has one of my favourite examples of someone not loving their story, so chose to change it. Becky and the Overbeck family live one of the most beautiful, enriching, fulfilling stories that is so full of gratitude, service to others, generosity and love. ❤️ Go take a peak at their exceptional life. Make sure you learn their backstory and how they one day chose to write a new story. You will be inspired! ———————- How did todays message hit you? Did it feel close to home? Does it feel like it’s time to start telling a new story? ————————— Tag a friend who should hear this today. Tag a friend you want to be part of your new story. ———————— For the record, I didn’t swear in this video!!! 🤬😂 ——————— Have a powerful day!

January 16, 2023


class="content__text" Is today going to be YOUR day? Is 2023 going to be YOUR year? Are you really giving it a chance if you don’t show up as your best self? 🤔 ———————— This is one of my favourite principles- to show up EVERY day as your best version so you don’t miss the unreal opportunities that are only available for your best self. ——————- Let’s do this together. Let’s push each other. Let’s hold this community of high achievers accountable. Let’s invite our friends and family to become their best versions too! ———————— Have a powerful day my friends! 💥 ———————— Reminder that anyone who likes & comments in the first 2 minutes of me posting my videos is entered into a contest to win a $200 prize pack (monthly draw)! Congratulations to the first winner: @fittchick17 🎉🎉🎉🎉 who clearly has her notifications on when I post & always jumps on right away! Thank you for your support! DM me your details and I’ll get your prize out today! ————————— All comments that come in after the first 2 minutes are added to a bi-monthly draw for a $200 prize! 🔥

January 16, 2023


class="content__text" Focusing on the positive as we remember 2022. ———————— Reminder that dwelling on the negative stuff in ‘22 brings us zero joy, zero benefit and costs us more than we realize. As we look back, let’s focus on what we are grateful for and all the positive stuff that took place in our lives! 🎉 ———————— Please share something wonderful that happened for you this year as we’d love to celebrate with you. And the more we focus on this good stuff, the more we are inviting that good stuff into our 2023. ——————- Tag a friend who played a positive role in your year. ❤️ ——————— Thank you for taking part in this community! This community needs you! ——————- “Where your focus goes, energy flows.” @tonyrobbins ———————— #2022 #focus #energy #positivity

January 16, 2023


class="content__text" The Value of your Backstory —————————- I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking with my friend @davidmeltzer about faith, our backstory, growing up poor and yes, even daddy issues! ————————- This is a short message with a tight mindset tip that will help you recognize the value of your backstory, no matter how gruesome you think it is. —————————— I hope this message blesses you today and you have a spectacular Christmas with your loved ones. 🙏🏼 ———————- Please tag a friend or two who you know would love to hear that their backstory is beautiful and has a grand purpose. ———————- #daddyıssues #faith #purpose #mindset #merrychristmas

January 16, 2023

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