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Today is the fourth anniversary of the Koenigsegg Agera RS Production Car Top Speed Record.
The magnitude and difficulty of this record cannot be underestimated and that it has stood the test of time, now embarking on its fifth year, it shows how challenging this type of record really is to beat.
Not only is the Agera RS still the fastest Homologated Production Car in the world, but it also holds the fastest measured speed of a vehicle in one or two directions on a public road. A record that lasted just shy of 80 years before the Agera RS took the reign. Let’s see how long it will last this time.
For a bit of revival please visit youtube.com/koenigsegg
As many of you know – Koenigsegg is not resting on its laurels, as we have taken the experience of the Agera RS and baked it into to the upcoming Jesko Absolut. Watch this space.

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Three generations of pumpkins from #gs21 🎃

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Koenigsegg adopts a simple philosophy to uncomplicate, to boil tech down to the fundamental truth and reason. That was the guiding principle behind the Regera, where engineers were given a single minded brief – first to 400 wins – and it is from there where our single-gear Koenigsegg Direct Drive was born.

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Koenigseggs are a ”have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too” kind of special experience that combine daily-driver-friendly characteristics (such as luggage space, a comfortable interior, and two or more cup holders) with advanced aerodynamics, exceptional handling and the passion of ultimate performance. Seeing the cars zip around the Circuit Des Ecuyers is quite a show of Koenigsegg’s road and track splendor.

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NINE wonderous Regeras were in attendance at this year’s Ghost Squadron Owner’s Tour in all their full glory. The innovative single-gear marvel created quite a stir - from the unique way it sounded to its incredible driving experience.

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Here’s your weekend wrap-up of the awesome Ghost Squadron Tour 2021 in France!
Re-live the arrival of 23 Koenigseggs in the center of Paris.

Were any of you there? #GS21 so we can check out your photos too!

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