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Don’t do your own stunts. Some BTS photos I found from Jungle Cruise. Like an absolute melt I thought I should be like Tom Cruise and do my own stunts. Then took a tumble and absolutely f**ked my leg. Fortunately Mary Poppins was on hand to nurse me back to health. And feed me cereal by the monitor, I have no idea why? I seem to remember having full use of my arms. Ok, come to think of it I may have been milking it a bit. And walking around with a cane for two weeks might have been a little over the top. Ok, yes I am a drama Queen. If your watching the film this weekend try to spot the moment where I injured myself, you can see the pain on my face! But hey, got to suffer for your art. Guesses in the comments below. Also if you think my knee was bad imagine the state poor Dwayne was in when he ended up on the wrong side of my right hook. #Pray4Dwayne #JungleCruise weekend two at cinemas and on @disneyplusuk now @disney @disneysjunglecruise

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