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class="content__text" Italy Best Places to visit in 10 days via @goanniewhere Mini tour of Italy: 1 Day in Venice 2 Days in Lake Como 2 Days in Cinque Terre⁣ 1 Day in Florence 2 Days in Rome 2 Day in Amalfi Coast More tips about Italy on our blog link in bio! Follow @italy_bestplaces #italy #italytravel #italy_vacation #italytrip #italytour #reelinstagram #reelsvideos

February 16, 2023


class="content__text" #amalfi via @amalficoast_italy Day trips Ideas from the Amalfi Coast: 1) Visit Pompeii, Herculaneum & Mount Vesuvius 2) Visit Paestum ruins and a Mozzarella Buffalo farm 3) Visit a Lemon farm 4) Take a sunset tour along the Amalfi Coast We can help with all the above! DM for summer offers! Follow us for more tips! #amalfiitaly #amalficoast #amalficoastitaly #amalfiküste #amalfitancoast #visititaly #italytravel #italy_dolcevita #reelsvideos #instagramreels #italy_vacation

February 12, 2023


class="content__text" #bologna via @beniamino_88 Best 10 things to do in Bologna: 1) Visit the Two Towers (Le Due Torri): Bologna’s most famous landmark, the Two Towers are the symbol of the city. Climb the stairs of one of the towers for a stunning view of Bologna. 2) Explore the Historic Center: Bologna’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest in Italy. It is home to many beautiful medieval buildings and historic squares. 3) Visit Piazza Maggiore: This is one of the most famous squares in Bologna and is surrounded by historic buildings, including the Basilica of San Petronio. 4) Visit the Bologna Cathedral: This beautiful cathedral is dedicated to St. Peter and is located in the heart of the historic center. 5) Try the local cuisine: Bologna is famous for its cuisine, particularly its delicious pasta dishes, such as lasagne and tortellini. 6) Visit the Bologna National Art Gallery: This museum houses an impressive collection of Renaissance and medieval art, including works by local artists such as Guido Reni and Francesco Francia. 7) Take a walking tour of Bologna: Take a stroll through the streets of Bologna and admire the beautiful architecture, historic squares, and charming cafes. 8) Shop at the Bologna Market: Bologna’s market is a great place to find local food, souvenirs, and other items. 9) Visit the University of Bologna: Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. 10) Explore the parks and gardens: Bologna has many beautiful parks and gardens, including the Giardini Margherita, which is a popular spot for picnicking and relaxing. Follow @italy_bestplaces More free tips about Italy on our site link in bio! #bolognaitaly #bolognacity #bolognatoday #visititaly #italytravel #italy_vacations

February 11, 2023


class="content__text" The Best Things To Do In Ravello 1) Visit Villa Cimbrone gardens and get lost for hours inside this incredible place with amazing views over the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast. Don’t miss the terrace of infinity 2) Villa Rufolo located at the centre of Ravello in Piazza Vescovato. The villa was built by a wealthy family in the 13th century. 3) The Ravello Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of San Pantaleone, is a Romanesque-style cathedral located off the main piazza. More things to do on our site link in bio! Follow @amalficoast_italy to get access to offers! DM for Details! #amalficoastitaly #ravelloitaly #italy_dolcevita #reelsinstagram #visititaly #italytravel

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" Best things to do in Portofino via @pinkines keep reading: 1) Visit the Brown Castle - This ancient military fortress was built in the 15th century to protect Tigullio Gulf from pirates and other enemies. 2) Explore the colorful houses and streets of the picturesque town. They are the symbols of Portofino together with the Piazzetta 3) Visit the Church of St. George, a beautiful example of Ligurian Gothic architecture. 4) Take a scenic hike in the nearby Portofino Regional Natural Park 5) Enjoy an aperitivo in the square “La Piazzetta” and enjoy the world passing by 6) Shop for souvenirs and locally made products, such as hand-painted ceramics and lace. 7) Enjoy a boat tour around the wonderful coast of the Italian Riviera More tips on our site link in bio! #portofinoitaly #portofinobay #portofinoismylove #portofinoislove #italianriviera #visititaly #italytravel #italytrip #italy_vacation #reelsvideos #reelsinstagram

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" #lakecomo vibes via @pinkines The Best Things To Do in Lake Como: 1) Explore the charming lakeside towns: Visit the picturesque towns of Bellagio, Varenna, and Como, which offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. 2) Take a boat tour: Experience the lake from a different perspective by taking a boat tour and admiring its villas, churches, and gardens along the shore. 3) Visit Villa del Balbianello: Explore this beautiful villa located on a peninsula in the lake, known for its stunning gardens, views, and its history as a location for several films. 4) Stroll through the Como Silk Museum: Learn about the region’s rich silk heritage and its production process at this museum. 5) Visit the Como Cathedral: Admire the Gothic-style cathedral, known for its intricate architecture and its location overlooking the city of Como. Follow @italy_bestplaces for more tips about Italy #lakecomoitaly #lakecomovillas #italytravel #italy_vacation #italytrip #reelsinstagram #reelsvideos #italygram

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" Unusual things to do in Positano: 1) Attend a Ceramics Class - Positano is famous for its handcrafted ceramics, and many local artists offer workshops where you can learn about the traditional techniques and create your own ceramic piece. 2)Take a Cliff-side Yoga Class - Take in the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast while practicing yoga on a cliff-side terrace. Many local studios offer classes with experienced instructors. 3)Visit a Limoncello Distillery - Positano is famous for its production of limoncello, a lemon liqueur that is made from the zest of local Amalfi lemons. You can take a tour of a local distillery and learn about the production process, and of course, sample the finished product. 4)Go on a Scuba Diving Expedition - The Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes in the Mediterranean, including vibrant coral reefs and abundant sea life. You can book a scuba diving excursion and explore these hidden wonders. 5)Visit a Lemon Grove - The Amalfi Coast is famous for its lemon trees, and you can visit one of the local lemon groves and learn about the history and cultivation of these iconic fruits. 6)Take a Boat Tour to Hidden Coves - The Amalfi Coast is home to several hidden coves and beaches that are accessible only by boat. You can take a guided tour and discover some of these hidden gems. 7)Go hiking - Apart from the famous Path of the Gods trail, there are more hikes you can do in Positano. Walk to the upper part of Positano in the village of Montepertuso to visit the hole (il buco) or you could walk to Nocelle, the next village, and walk down to Positano, the views on the way down are incredible. Another interesting hike not busy is the trail from Positano to Santa Maria del Castello via Caserma Forestale and back to Positano. Follow @amalficoast_italy to access our offers! #positanoitaly #positano #positanocoast #amalficoast #amalfitancoast #reelsvideos

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" The best things to do in #amalfi via @iamfusco_ 1)Visit Piazza Duomo and the Amalfi Cathedral a Roman monument dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew which is also the protector of the city. You can get in for just €3 2) Take the lift and go up to the “Belvedere Cimitero Monumentale” the Amalfi cemetery with the most amazing views. 3) Go hiking the Valle Delle Ferriere path located behind Amalfi and can be reached on foot in just one hour from the centre. More on our site link in bio! #amalficoast #amalficoastitaly #amalfitancoast #visititaly #italytravel #italytrip #reelsvideos

February 09, 2023


class="content__text" #capri vibes via @explorewithele are you visiting this summer? Tag your friends in comments! Follow @amalficoast_italy to access offers! #capriisland #capriitaly #visitcapri #igerscapri #amalficoast #amalficoast_italy #visititaly

February 02, 2023


class="content__text" The Vertical City #positano via @gmarcod91 are you visiting this summer? Tag your friends! Are you looking for tours, activities, accommodations and [email protected] more? DM for deals! Follow @amalficoast_italy #positanoitaly #positanocoast #positanoview #amalficoast #amalficoastitaly #amalfitancoast #amalfiküste #amalficoast_italy #visititaly #italytravel #italytrip #instagramreels #reels

January 26, 2023


class="content__text" Magical #florence via @pinkines founder @iamfusco_ tag your friends! #florenceitaly #visititaly #italytrip #italytravels

January 16, 2023


class="content__text" Gorgeous #bellagio via @pinkines founder @iamfusco_ tag your friends! #bellagioitaly #italianlakes #visititaly #italytrip

December 16, 2022

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