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What the FUCK!!!!! These are White Principals and Teachers 😡🤬😡🤬😡 and what’s so bad is this is happening EVERYWHERE. Please Lord cover our black kids in Jesus name! Repost from @pushing_black • BLACK STUDENT FORCED TO EAT FOOD FROM THE GARBAGE CAN. PRINCIPAL AND EMPLOYEE FIRED. • • On December 19th, LaTosha Williams and her family filed a lawsuit against the Lorain Ohio City Schools after her elementary school daughter told her that the lunch monitor forced her to eat a waffle that she had thrown into the trash. Now, video has been released by the school confirming that is exactly what happened. Monika Sommers-Fridenstinem, the monitor who bullied her into eating the waffle, and Principal Debra Pustulka who watched without doing anything have both been fired, and they are lucky that’s all that happened to them. I’m not saying it’s what should be done, but if an adult forced one of my children to eat something from the trash, there would have been some immediate repercussions via my two hands. • Williams explained that her daughter became ill after eating the waffle, which ultimately caused Williams to lose her job when she had to stay home to take care of her. • This is another glaring example of why we need our own solution to educating our children. Our children deserve the utmost love and respect from the adults in their lives. These people should be nourishing their dreams, not bullying them. • • Join Our Facebook & Instagram Family • Check out our other IG pages: • Pushing Black Store - @PushingBlackStore • Pushing Black News - @Pushing_Black • Main page - @PushingBlack • Follow us on Facebook • Check out our full store - www.pushingBlack.com • • #PushingBlack #PushingBlackNews #EmbraceYourself #BlackMedia #BlackNews #Lorain #LorainSchools #LaToshaWilliams #LaTosha #PrincipalDebraPustulka #MonikaSommers-Fridenstine #Racist #Racism #ThisIsAmerica #TimeToHomeschool

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