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Reflecting back on an energized year, and genuinely grateful for everyone who has participated and followed along. This year was a non-stop, speeding train. And although the ride has never been this exciting, I was also challenged in many new ways - as a partner, friend, leader, father, and supporter. But with that, I learned more than ever before. Running @btwaves is the greatest honor I could ever imagine, where I am able to explore this planet with purpose, and connect with so many beautiful and inspiring people. I don’t think it will ever get old. I am indebted to my team, who pushed harder this year than ever before and stepped up as we experienced new yet nagging growing pains. Any success you may see is honestly because of them. How does anyone do it? I’m still figuring it out, and I am far from perfect, but this I know: It takes time. You have to take risks that will seem crazy - that others will, at first, judge or criticize you for doing. There are no magic solutions, tricks, supplements, or apps. You can’t buy real influence, friendships, nor impact. Everything we seek originates from inside and is the manifestation of the promises we make to ourselves and the type of person we choose to be every day, especially when others aren’t watching. Probably the greatest lesson for me so far, is that it really is all about loving people. Acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating the energy of this moment, but not sitting back as there is still so much work to be done. It truly feels like this is just the beginning, and that alone is a thrill. Our society is an increasingly complex place, but if we can move forward with respect and love - we have a legit chance to heal ourselves and this planet. Excited to connect with friends new and old in the year ahead. See you on the water real soon. -austin Capture by @wilsonhaynes_

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