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❤️ To ‘untraditional’ families ❤️ I lived in a commune for a while after my mom died. It drew me in with big promises, low rent and kind people. Yet in many ways, it was awful. There were parties. A lot of parties. And substances and sticky stacks of plates, bugs, crumbling walls and corners that folded into mould. After I left, it was torn down, condemned by the city as unsafe. I didn’t want to be there. I thought I had nowhere else to go. Lisa showed me otherwise. A scholarship advisor at my university, Lisa had started to step into the hole my mom left with her death. And one night, when the commune became too much, Lisa insisted I come home. ‘There’s a spare room. We can decorate it. We can make it feel like you.’ We bought pillows and blankets and she filled the fridge with my favourite foods. She became family. She is still family. And I’m thankful every day. So here, now, I just wanted to send love to everyone who comes from a background that is a little more ‘unique’. Honor your story. Be proud of your narrative. And lean into the people that help you feel the sun. Because houses can be found everywhere, But families sit inside the soul. And that is a beautiful thing indeed. #family #nontraditionalfamily

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