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Let’s sing along to some of the HORRIBLY stupid, SEXIST stuff that’s happened in SPORTS this month - because my gosh, it’s either that or scream. In case you’ve missed it, here are the ‘HOW is this still happening in 2021?!!?’ headlines: Norway volleyball players were fined for wanting to wear shorts on court (instead of the usual bikini bottoms). Meanwhile a British para-Olympic athlete was told her shorts were ‘too short’. Aaaand swimming caps designed for Black hair were banned. The Olympic committee said they didn’t understand why anyone would need them. I can’t believe we are still here. STILL. In a space where women’s bodies are policed by men. It’s not police officers on a beach putting a ruler to a woman’s swimsuit. But it’s not far off. So with this little trendy sea shanty, I hope the more important point comes across: Enough of this nonsense. For the athletes of today, For the little girls of tomorrow, Enough. #selflove #seashanty #feminism

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