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@dollskill Halloween shop 🖤
A Wounded warrior rising from the ashes. I’ve seen the crows circling. I’ve returned from my retreat and I’ve been reborn. I know the fires that have been near my property. And the animals whose houses were burned, they seek refuge toward my property. They run because their own homes have burned... who am I to turn them away. I count 4 goats tonight. I see 9 crowns circling above me.. one of my goats is gone. I can feel it.... but I am not one to blame those animals who have seeked refuge on my property from the fire..... tonight I will drive the Polaris and find the body of one of my baby goats...... but it’s the circle of life, because  I live in the wild. I feel the pain.... but I rejoice with in knowing  the circle of life and all of its connectedness. I surrender to the universe as the watcher watching the universe expressing itself without judgment or criticism, just simply enjoying feeling alive in this moment.
There is a time for creation, and there is a time for introspection. Now is my time to go within, for it’s there that all the answers lie. There is purpose in pain and heartache, and I’m grateful for the pain and the lessons that follow. I am a wounded warrior who conquers obstacles and challenges. I am a divine being with a purpose as all other divine beings. I won’t give up until my mission is complete. I will go inside to find the answers I need and I will GROW.  This Phoenix will rise again.  It will arise from all the ashes in it’s true form, in it’s true beauty from creation and divine. I am surrendering. I am willing. I will be reborn. Love you guys ❤️
Stretching and waiting patiently for my rebirth
Time to heat things up. Time to step into the light ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Because everyone told me to post it 🖤
@dollskill Halloween shop 👻 I must keep moving through the darkness to find the light. Dancing singing and creating. My soul will not stop. The powers that be are on my side. The light is near

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