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Our @cbumfitness Thavage AF 8 week transformation challenge came to an end last week and I finally nailed down the winners (with some help from the fam because it was hard as hell to choose). Huge congrats to everyone who made it through, I was honestly surprised with the amount of progress I saw so many people make. This was just 8 weeks of work and hopefully lead to some lessons you can apply to a new lifestyle. I’ll be posting more people who crushed it in my stories this week, but for now the winners... First place is @michael_orzech gets to come down and hang and train with me. Second place @_marvinrivera_ gets a PS5 and Thavage weight belt. Most shredded award goes to @jusaimc getting a years supply of pre and protein + $500 @youngla gift card. I can’t take any credit for this work these guys killed it all on their own just following the @cbumfitness training app so congrats again to everyone who killed it, y’all are even firing me up to get after it this prep🔥 Link is in my bio if you want to check out my training app🙏🏼

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