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▪ּمڝمم ڣٻدٻﯜهٱٺ▪ `❤🎥 Engagement Rate: n/a%

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FAQ - bashar.m.hijazi Instagram Account Stats

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about ▪ּمڝمم ڣٻدٻﯜهٱٺ▪ `❤🎥 Instagram Account.

Answer: bashar.m.hijazi Instagram account has 17.1K followers.
Answer: Engagement rate of bashar.m.hijazi Instagram is n/a%
Answer: Average likes are about n/a per post.
Answer: Average comments are about n/a per post.
Answer: Official ▪ּمڝمم ڣٻدٻﯜهٱٺ▪ `❤🎥 username Instagram is @bashar.m.hijazi