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Raf Simons SS 2003 ‘Consumed’ rare imagery The “Consumed” collection was intended as a meditation on modern consumerism. Simons was interested in exploring how brand codes, logos, and corporate language had permeated mainstream culture and society, and how the youth had adapted to it. He also considered the risks of being consumed as we consume. “Today’s living environment is about consuming as well as being consumed; some suggest this could lead to an apocalyptic end, while others, particularly younger generations, take this reality as their cue to create new, more viable and flexible personas.” stated the show notes the show was “not a rebuttal to fashion’s ‘buy, buy, buy!’ mantra, but a theory of how to do it Simons’ way.” Whether the message is addressed to the audience or to the wearer remains unclear. What was evident, however, was that Simons was watching culture closely from the sidelines. “I am not trying to criticize or define the consumption environment of modern society. However, all of us are concerned with the consumption phenomenon, I’m looking closely at why everyone is attracted by the logo and brand name.” Stated Raf when asked about the collection. In retrospect, “Consumed” was wildly prophetic. 19 years later, it’s clear Raf’s vision has become an oracle for today’s generation of logomania-obsessed youth. Via @yourfashionarchive @highsnobiety & @chaostocouture_

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