Youtube vs TikTok Boxing: Date, Lineup. A boxing match between YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikToker Bryce Hall.

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Youtube vs TikTok Boxing

A boxing match between YouTube and TikTok has been confirmed, and it will feature some of your favorite social media stars. Everything you need to know about the fight is right here.

YouTube and TikTok are two of the most popular video platforms, and stars from both will face off in a professional boxing match in a matter of weeks. The event was originally scheduled for June 5, but has since been rescheduled. Here's when the YouTube vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms will take place, as well as what to expect on the night.

The battle of the platforms fight night features a full fight card, with The ACE Family's Austin McBroom taking on TikTok's Bryce Hall in the main event. Tanner Fox and Nick Austin, Faze Jarvis and Michael Le, DDG and Nate Wyatt, and Deji and Vinnie Hacker are among the other confirmed matchups. Two more fights are scheduled for the evening, with Tayler Holder and Danny Duncan stepping into the ring with yet-to-be-confirmed fan picks.

When Is The YouTube Vs. TikTok Fight?

The YouTube Vs. TikTok fight night was originally set for June 12, 2021, when the event details were first announced. Nonetheless. The reason for the postponement is unknown, but anyone interested in watching the action unfold should tune in on Saturday, June 12 if there are no further delays. Early bird pay-per-view sales will begin on May 15 in the run-up to the big night.

What is Youtube vs TikTok?

YouTube vs. TikTok is a boxing match that will pit a variety of YouTubers and TikTok stars in the ring against one another. The boxing event, which will feature several YouTube and TikTok stars going head-to-head in the ring on June 12, will be headlined by YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikTok star Bryce Hall.

McBroom, 28, is a family vlogger and the founder of The ACE Family channel, which has been dogged by controversy in the past, including claims that they faked dramatic content to gain views and a leaked clip of Austin yelling at his wife Catherine.

Hall became one of TikTok's biggest stars after finding his online footing on platforms like and YouTube. The 21-year-old now has over 19.8 million followers and has also been mired in controversy across much of his career.

Who is fighting YouTube vs TikTok?

The confirmed fights include:

Tayler Holder, a TikTok star, and YouTuber Danny Duncan have also confirmed that they will fight, but their opponents will be chosen by the public.

YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: How To Buy Tickets?

The tickets are already on sale on Fevo. You can check them out here. Fans currently have two options to choose from.

The early bird PPV will go on sale on May 15. You can check it out here.

What are the cost of Tickets?

The tickets that have gone on sale on Fevo start from $105. Meanwhile, on Ticketmaster, the tickets are over $395.

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